Our company believes in delivering a quality product without shortcuts.

We don't have any interest in building as many homes as possible, instead we'd only like to work with a set amount of clients and focus on bringing them the best home possible.

Charlotte is a unique place to build, we mainly deal with compact lot sizes and it's often difficult to deviate from a fairly "box" like layout but that doesn't mean you can't be creative and still find ways to differentiate. We pride ourselves in out thinking others and are always looking to shape and cultivate our designs and finishes.

Cramer's Pond project

Cramer’s Pond is a high end 15 acre subdivision just outside of uptown Charlotte, nestled in Plaza Midwood and surrounding a preserved 1938 historic estate home. Cramer’s Pond will feature 36 custom homes and Carolina Blue Sky Construction is proud to be involved as a featured builder.


Meet Bailey, our current president and head of operations

Bailey is our current president and head of operations. Her attention to detail is unrivaled and she really seems to have a nose for this business. When Bailey isn't at the jobsite barking orders, you can usually find her hard at work herding any type of animal or human she can find. She's also an avid squirrel hunter although she still hasn't successfully caught any. Don't let her ruggedness fool you though, she still demands a certain amount of luxury, Bailey's custom homes almost always feature some kind of doggie spa or special space. While Bailey's schedule is extremely busy, a face to face meeting can always be arranged if a treat is involved.